Magento – Extending eCommerce Beyond the Conventional

The internet has completely changed the lives of people all around the globe. Starting as a quick and reliable source of communication, it has now acquired a reputation of all-round assistance tool – offering almost every solution to the daily needs of the people. With the rising dependency of the people on the World Wide Web, the internet’s role in business operations and marketing has also increased. Companies worldwide now depend upon the internet for reaching to their customers, and for sales and profitability.

The introduction of eCommerce, or online shopping, has revolutionized not only business sales and marketing concepts, but has also changed the preferences and habits of the users and consumers. Since the dawn of 21st century, millions of people worldwide have switched to online shopping, owing to the convenience and facilities offered by it. With new advancements in the field of web development and designing, it has become very easy these days to create an appealing and highly user friendly shopping portal.

One of the most popular and highly used eCommerce development platforms in all parts of the world is Magento. The software has become the first choice of web developers across the globe, and the reasons are simply too many. Some of the amazing features which make Magento a premier eCommerce development platform are discussed here.

No Limits to Creativity

Magento was designed to meet the contemporary and dynamic needs of the businesses, and this is why it offers a limitless approach to designing and development. The software offers endless features and facilities to assist in getting the best shopping portal for any kind and size of business. It provides a user friendly interface, and drag and drop features for quick and smart web development. The ease of access and use offered by Magento is what has made it a popular choice amongst companies and developers.

Versatility in Use

With Magento, possibilities are simply unlimited. The software enables you to create a series of applications and portal for eCommerce and online marketing. Not only the shopping portal or website, the platform is a perfect way to create payment gateways, product catalogues and other contemporary marketing tools. The software is easy to use, and versatile in its approach. With smart Magento developers, you can enjoy incredible shopping portals, product catalogues etc. There are a number of outsourcing companies offering effective Magento development services for businesses of all kind.

Integrations and Add-Ons

Magento CE offers a ton of third-party integrations. You’ll find lots of free add-ons (as of the date of this article, there were around 840), including a MailChimp integration and the Facebook Connect and Like Free integration. Additional fee-based extensions can run from 99ยข up to $8000.

Payment Processing

Magento integrates with a slew of payment gateways, including PayPal,, and 2Checkout. While you can accept purchase orders and money orders with Magento CE, you won’t be able to offer gift cards or store credits.

Search Engine Optimization

One of the amazing features of Magento that makes it a popular choice worldwide is its SEO friendly development structure. Businesses undertake search engine optimization activities to gain a higher visibility and outreach over the internet. Magento forms the base of internet marketing strategy by supporting SEO friendly development structure. Websites created with the help of Magento have the necessary elements and structure to get higher search engine result rankings. These portals can be pushed to excellent results with smart internet marketing efforts.

All these features and advantages make Magento a perfect choice for your business’s eCommerce portal. You can find a reliable company online and get excellent results at highly competitive prices. Get an enhanced outreach and increased profitability with an online shopping portal developed on Magento.